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any market for a old dewalt radial saw

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i have my dads old [1950's] 9" radial arm's one of those green speckled ones. this is a great radial saw but i just don't use it. cleaning the garage today and thinking about selling it.

does anyone have a guess what these are worth?

i also have a sears but it's greatest value is sending it back to sears for 100.  larry

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There seems to be a market for them on the Old Woodworking Machines forum, you could check over there.

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1950's DeWalt RAS, eh?

These days RAS's get varied respect. Many believe they are outdated and dangerous; easily replaced by a SCMS. Some think they are the best thing since sliced bread and the heart of a woodshop. I believe they have their place in the shop; they excel at cross cuts and cross dados but the newer ones (roughtly 1960-now) are generally under built and dangerous.

I've got two DeWalt's; one is a 1967 DeWalt/Black and Decker Powershop and the other is a 1952 Dewalt GW. Both are 10". Neither are worth a lot.

The '52 is worth about $200 and the '67 is worth about $50 in my opinion.

What really pushes the value up in a RAS is the blade size. An unrestored 16" is easily worth $500 to $700. A 12" or 14" may fetch $400 to $500 and all large sizes seem to sell rather quickly.

Yours sounds like a 10" 1958 DeWalt MB or MBF (green, white flecks, and red handles). It represents the first major shift in design made by AMF which later sold to B&D. They reduced some of the cast iron in the head and trimmed the table but not by much so it is still a nice stout machine. By itself (no stand, no attachments or accessories like original dado blade, shaper, or jigsaw) and in very good to excellent condition is worth about $150.

Good luck selling it, the machine market is tight right now and even fair market value is too high to move equipment. Best to use and search for Radial Arm Saw in your vicinity...may have to search all the states in the plains. Try to compare apples to apples as a Sears is DEFINITELY NOT a DeWalt.

If you go to be aware that they are sticklers about their RULES and the veterans and moderators are sometimes difficult to get along with. I can tell you now that nobody there will give you a price, just advice on figuring it out for yourself. If you become a member, you can post in their classifieds but they are usually not interested in so common of machine nor paying market value. My advice would be to post it on Craigslist and Ebay. Oh and don't forget that we have a classified listing right here in BT as well as one over in Knots. Might as well offer it to your "friends" first.


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if I'm hear'n you right, this might have more to do with your "Dad's old saw" than anything else, mine passed away 2 years ago, and its taken me nearly as long to "use" his shop without cleaning up and erasing any signs that I'ld been there.  I've got the exact same saw, had it for better part of 15-20 years now.  He replaced it with a 10" crapsman unit and gave me the old one.  Spent the rest of his years tell'n me he wanted the old one back, when I lock the old one it's dead on, the new one is just "close", too much play.  I grew up on that saw, and prefer it for allot of tasks over a table saw.  The chop saw gets allot of use but I'm not ready to get rid of that ole' dewalt any time soon ..

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Have seen the 9" ones at sales for just $10 with no takers. I'd haul it off from a 'free pile', but would be worth close to zero to me, esp now that scrap metal prices have tanked. 

Did  pickup a 9" DW TS listed 'free' in craigslist a few years back and gave it to Luka, it may just be a pile of rust by now? <G>

BTW, have hauled off a couple of 10" Emerson RAS that folks sold for $20-$40, even told the folks they could get the $100 from Emerson with near zero hassle, just one phone call and putting it in the box they would send. Didn't want to bother, just wanted the saws gone (both were craftsman). 

BTW2:  if on a metal stand, you could probably sell jus the stand alone for more that the saw and stand. If the motor can be mounted, it alone also is likely worth more than the whole arrangement.