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Is there an easy to use staple gun

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I have arthritis in the bases of my thumbs (so I can't even switch to left handed).  I find the staple guns really hurt like h*ll to use.  Pneumatic no good, don't have a compressor.

So, has anyone come out with an easy to use staple gun.  I bought one a couple of years ago that you swung to fire, but my aim was too lousy to put staples where I needed them.

Expecting a few eggs to hatch next week-end, so need to make them a little broody pen where they won't get hurt.  Gonna have to put up a few feet of chicken wire.

Appreciate any suggestions.

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Electric. The resort I do some work for has several they use mainly for hanging Christmas lights. I don't know how reliable they are (one always seems to be broken), but they are cheap.

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Hmm, didn't know they came in electric version.  Will go looking tomorrow. 

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here's an Amazon search for electric staple guns -

"there's enough for everyone"
"there's enough for everyone"

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Wow, who would've thought there were so many.  So, do I go with a name brand -- Arrow or Stanley? Don't know why I didn't know there were electric ones - guess I never looked.  Nothing better than a good excuse to go looking for tools. 

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staple availability might have a lot to do with your choice - some of those guns will shoot upholstery staples or some other odd configuration -

is it for general use, or do you have a specific, repetitive operation?

"there's enough for everyone"
"there's enough for everyone"

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right now it's for building a broody pen for some baby chicks.  I like to line the pen with chicken wire so that little beasty rodents won't get int and eat them. So, easiest way to put up chicken wire is with a staple gun.

Made my last two three years ago, before the arthritis got bad.  Hurts too much to use it now.

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Absolutely electric.
Arrow makes a great one. I have all three, electric, air, and manual. My Arrow electric is the one I grab when I have a lot of staples to install, like re-screening an old sun porch with built in frames, and you don't have the compressor out and want to go fast without killing your hand.
It takes the T-50 staples, the most popular staple made, so they are always available.

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This is a good one-

I used to spend eight hours a day with a stapler in my hand,
and this was the only one that didn't hurt.

You have to get used to pushing it (not squeezing it) but then
it works like a dream.

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Yes to the electric guns, I have used one for decades. But, given the big boxes packages of a small compressor with nail and staple guns for only a couple of hundred bucks, I recently broke down and bought the Bostich package at Blowes.

OMG, why didn't I do this years ago!

Extremely useful for a variety of tasks for not a lot of money. Easier than electric, will drive far longer staples much deeper. The electric guns have difficulty driving staples deep into wood, no problems at all with the air and a staple twice as long.

Good luck.

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I had the arrow electric staple, it would never drive the staples deep enough, I ended up throwing it at the cat.

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O.k., well, I just bought an Arrow cordless, maybe XC50, something like that. HAven't opened it yet. Should I throw it at the cat? I'm not using it on a regular basis, but cordless looked better to use in the barn, rather than dragging an extension cord all over the place.

ANy comments on the cordless, guys?

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Lowes has a kit with a compressor and combo stapler/brad nailer for 69 bux US.

Of course if you don't want electric, the cordless will probably work great. You aren't shooting very long staples anyway.

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Forwarding to the ASPCA.

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Somebody gave me a broken Bostitch electric (broken follower spring) that sat on my junk shelf for a year or two because I couldn't find staples for it. Then I found a guy on the net with a deal on close out staples (I bought 40,000 or so) and he had the spring. $40 later and I am a huge fan. This thing will shoot a 9/16" staple in oak.