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Cast iron tub repair

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I want to re-enamel a cast iron tub, but it has a few deep pits.  Is it possible to use bondo to fill the pits before it is enameled?

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I've seen tubs professionally done, they look good............a bit "fake", but way better than what was there.

They charge by the tub for the coating-and ADD for the filling of chips and deep pits.

What they use, I cannot say.

I'd surely test your "enamel" on some epoxy prior.  The different substrates will probably take the finish differently..............

Best of luck.

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Yeah, I've seen some very (post #207076, reply #2 of 3)

Yeah, I've seen some very good work by tub resurfacing outfits, and some less that outstanding work. 

For DIY I'd probably consult the web site of the outfit selling the coating and see what they recommend for chips.

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Refinishing with paint has (post #207076, reply #3 of 3)

Refinishing with paint has been around a long time.  I would hire a refinisher, though.  It's cheap enough and you can't match the finish.  Pits, cracks or chips all can be repaired, although I don't know if the filler is bondo or something else.  I think the most important thing is preparing the surface, damage so that filler will stick.