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Help - What type of oil goes in an electric jack hammer - Need fast

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I posted earlier asking about specs on a cheapie china electric demo hammer and got a nice answer with some customer reviews. One said "get extra oil". the manufacturers specs say use"electric jack hammer oil" Naturally. I never heard of it and neither has Google. So I've asked around and heard: hydraulic fluid, chain oil, light machine, all expert opinions. I buy the hammer tomorrow and head to the mountains to use and don't want to waste a weekend, so am asking ahead: what kind of oil: 2 stroke, 4 stroke, gear, wd40, krill? I'm confused.  thanks.

Well, it's not 2-stroke oil (post #207233, reply #1 of 2)

Well, it's not 2-stroke oil -- that's for burning.  From a brief search it appears that some sort of air cylinder is used as part of the action, and that presumably needs to be lubricated similar to an engine piston.  So any decent medium-weight oil would probably work.

I'd wait until I got the unit and it's "extra oil" and see how heavy that was, then try to match it in weight, roughly.  Basically it would be either light (sewing machine oil), medium (motor oil), or heavy (gear oil).

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Dan H you are right (post #207233, reply #2 of 2)

The Hitachi gun ahd a little supply of oil. The local mountain hardware store thot it was tacky and heavy and recommended gear oil.