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How to demolish a stone and cement wall

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I have a stone (granite head size + -) and cement retaining wall (maybe 40 years old) that has huge (4 to 6") cracks on one corner due to pine tree roots.  I'm going to demolish the corner and re-build. I assume I have to go stone by stone. What type of tool which I'll rent would be best for that? And how to go about it.

2nd question: In rebuilding the wall can I use the old stone? thanks

Depends on how rotten the (post #207166, reply #1 of 4)

Depends on how rotten the mortar is.  Mostly, though, you'd pry the stones apart with a pry bar.  A small jackhammer type tool might be good for getting a pryhold for the bar.

You can reuse the stone if you can get the old mortar off sufficiently well.

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A Rotary Hammer Drill (post #207166, reply #2 of 4)

would give you ability to chip away at the joints and use later to pop off tile or drill a bunch of holes in masonry/concrete.

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A rotary hammer drill that (post #207166, reply #3 of 4)

A rotary hammer drill that has the switch to disengage the rotary part. Then it just hammers. Your local tool rental will have them for maybe $50 a day. Or get a cheapy at Harbor Freight. You will want as heavy a tool that you can lift and handle. A dainty lightweight one will only waste your time when tearing down the wall. Although a small tool may be comfortable to use in chipping away the morter from the removed stones.

M1 Abrams Tank (post #207166, reply #4 of 4)

 -- I think that should do it