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bath faucet

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bath faucet  (post #206952)

Looking for wide spread polished brass bath faucet under $200.  I found Danze from  I've heard of both names before, but wanted to hear from others too.  What do you think of Danze faucets and efaucet store?  Is Kingston brand any good? 

Thank you in advance.

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Sorry, never heard of either brand

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I *think* I've used the (post #206952, reply #2 of 3)

I *think* I've used the efaucet store once to buy some washers I couldn't find elsewhere online, but that's all. Danze sounds familiar but nothing concrete comes to mind.

Good luck with the polished brass; I had them in my house but they looked gaudily like gold, and then the coating began coming off and they corroded in various spots.


Check Amazon: they also carry some Danze brass faucets.



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It turns out Danze is made by (post #206952, reply #3 of 3)

It turns out Danze is made by same company that also makes Price Fister.  There aren't many people talking about it, and I couldn't bet on it.  Paid 230.00 for Kohler from another e- company.  Color is by default since the old bathroom was done in brass.

Waiting for the hurricane, and I must be really bored to find this thread.  I answered it days ago, but it wasn't posted.