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epoxy enamel paint for washing machine

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This isn't construction question, but I think people in this site would know best about epoxy paints.
I want to repair some rusty areas in the inner tub of my washing machine. The tub has usual speckled baked on enamel finish. The rust is on the center spout of the tub. This center spout is the part that the agitator sits on(I removed the agitator to see if any sock was caught under it).
I searched for rusted tub repair and usual answer was replacement but one post recommended epoxy enamel paint.
My question is: Is the epoxy enamel paint that good? Would it stick to the baked on finish? Would it stand up to all the water, vibration and soap?
Would bath tub repair paint stand up to being emerged in hot/cold water for hours, the spinning and vibration, and remain stuck to the existing finish for the washing machine tub?
Thank you in advance.

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Polyesther resin (one type of epoxy) would work, you do need to be meticulous with prep! - sand, wash with MEK and acetone.

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I went through something similar a couple of years ago. My first thought was that someone surely makes a paint to fix chipped enamel in these tubes... but I didn't really find much. So, I looked around the shop to see what type of durable two-part paint & primer we had laying around and that is what I used. I scuffed and cleaned the surface and primed it with Clausen's "All U Need" Polyester Primer and top coated with Kirker Acrylic Urethane Enamel. The paint and primer were overkill but I had it left over from another project... I used these particular materials because they were free. I am sure that epoxy would work equally well. Just scuff the surface and clean it good like junkhound said. Good prep is essential.

I touched up the tub about two years ago and when I check it about a month ago it looked the same as the day I painted it.