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Gun cabinet for 12 guns

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This is a gun cabinet for 12 guns.It also has doors on each side designed for handguns. I made it for a friend of my wife's for $350. who provided me the rough walnut lumber.

Larry Martin

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Here's the location for just the cabinet so you don't need to wait forever to load up guys, though there's other stuff that's intresting on his site.

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I'm curious how you did that?

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You can do it like this too...

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How is that done?

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Joe,Piffin your computer skills are amazing, where did you learn this stuff?

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It's really not that hard. Just insert some HTML into your posts and presto. . .

At one time there was quite a bit of information on how to do this written by me on this site, but it has been all removed. There still might be some information form the "hut dweller" floating around. You can either do a search or ask him directly.

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I've been away for awhile guys. Never did get the hang of Joe's way though he tried to explain it to me.

I went to orlo's site with my Netscape browser and hovered over the image with the cursor. I right clicked and a pop up menu gave me some choices, one of which was "copy image location" I chose that, and went to this little message box like this and
where I again right clicked the mouse and chose paste. I could also have hit the Ctrl key and the v together to paste it in here.

Now if you want to save an image to your computer disc just right click and choose save image as.

These commands might be slighly different for you MS users